Headquarters - Walton Hills, OH Warehouse - Grafton, OH
FL Sales, Inc.
7115 Krick Road
P.O. Box 461118
Walton Hills, Ohio  44146
(440) 498-8484
(440) 498-8488
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EWC, Ltd.
1152 Elm Street
Grafton, Ohio 44044
(440) 926-1155
(440) 926-3958


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FL Sales, Inc. * P.O. Box 461118 * 7115 Krick Road * Walton Hills OH 44146
Phone:(440)498-8484 * Fax:(440)498-8488 *
Warehouse Location: 1152 Elm Street, Grafton, Ohio 44044


Ask FL Sales FIRST

Chances are, we have what you need – or can find it fast through our extensive customer and partner network. And, if not, we’ll refer you to other resources to help you find exactly what you need.


Just have a question? Feel free to ask us anything – we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours to all questions.
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